…or is this just wishful thinking?

If his prediction is correct, does that mean Meego will be revived?

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  1. This is where i have to be the annoying person and point out that MeeGo isn’t dead, by a very long shot. Even if you look inside Nokia itself, there’s still a very considerable amount of money being pumped into R&D on MeeGo, it simply isn’t being productified in the same way it was. So… that particular concern is really the least of the possible outcomes of any such eventuality 😉

  2. damipereira says:

    I think it’s one of the possibilities and one of the bests, it might happen it might not, it’s not a crazy idea at all, the stocks are falling a lot, but at the same time they might have all this planned, I guess they knew that with an announcement like this the stocks would fall.
    I still have hope

  3. Luiz says:

    I’ll take it as Truth just to sleep better tonight.

  4. loser says:

    sad geek that I am, I was waiting for the news, the news of the powerful new meego phone, now I have to get over it. Perhaps I can install meego on an HTC or nexus. huh.

  5. Kjetil Kilhavn says:

    Elop didn’t say anything about killing Meego – on the contrary it has been said that one Meego device is expected on the market in 2011, and that Meego will be the OS for other devices than smartphones. Speaking for myself I can say that a tablet (or let’s say a device with at least a 7 inch screen) with KMail is of more interest than a telephone with KMail, the question is just whether they will be wise enough to throw in a GSM chip in that device.

  6. Sean Tilley says:

    This is implying that MeeGo was ever dead to begin with…

  7. . says:

    You should fix your anti-aliasing

  8. Mina says:

    Don’t yourself be fooled by Nokia or your hopes:

    Elop won’t be fired:
    “We made sure that the entire management team was involved in the process, and of course the board of directors of Nokia are the only ones that can make this significant of a decision about Nokia. They made that final decision on Thursday night.”

    Elop about MeeGo:
    “”When it comes to this platform, we reserve the right to introduce tablets on other platforms, he said. “Whether that be internal projects or we could take advantage of what Microsoft is innovating with, we’ve nothing to announce on that today.”

    However, the tablet will not run MeeGo, Elop said. When asked what would be the point of launching a tablet with a dead OS, Elop said “you’ve answered your own question there.”

    So MeeGo@Nokia is dead. Draw your own conclusions about Qt now – hint: It doesn’t look good for Qt@Nokia.

  9. Relax says:

    Yes, this was one of the intersting comments which I remeber after reading all? the others of this Qt blog.

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  11. José says:

    It is very sad but the truth is out there, Meego and Qt are dead to Nokia. Currently in the Nokia Conversations site, are already making censorship of comments. And this is the 2 nd day after the announcement.

  12. SamiZhan says:

    Of cource , what Elop said is not trustable. In fact , I think he is the slave of M$ and was sent to Nokia to control a company who is friendly to FOSS world.

    However , Meego won’t die. If meego@nokia dead , it means nokia is only a little distance to the death.

  13. Thomas says:

    Microsoft is going to buy a substantial amount of stocks from NOKIA. Microsofts plan is to become a major stackholder to control NOKIA. Still Microsoft has a vewy vewy big wallet, but they’re not dumb.

    The plan is working brilliant so far. NOKIA shares are falling so everything gets more affordable for Microsoft.

    Trolltech / Qt / Meego may still have support from NOKIA employees, but as Elop said, most of them are going to be laid off anyway.

    Sure, Microsoft wants to shift the headquarter from Finland to the States soon. This is no friendly takeover!

    For Trolltech / Qt / Meego(inside NOKIA) the game it’s definitely over.

  14. loser says:

    Just read Stephen Elop’s Wikipedia page, it seems he is a past master of serving his own interests by serving the interests of bigevil

  15. STiAT says:

    Wishful thinking. This is not going to happen anytime soon. They would have been dumb if they did not expect the share drop, and dissatisfaction of a lot of their employees.

    Qt / MeeGo at Nokia are dead, Symbian is to die (and to pay the bills for the next two years), a lot of people will be layed off.

    The hope I have still is, that Qt is to be sold to another company. What this would mean in licensing terms we don’t know, and probably dont want to know. LGPL still means, if they obtain the rights on Qt, they can close-source it, and there will be the need of a community fork.

    Note: I don’t think this is going to happen in the next two, probably three years. Could be that there is the need of a fork before that (if Nokia decides not to do anything about Qt at all, but we will see this the next .. let’s say month or half year).

    What I don’t understand is: How is a switch to WP7 in a 2-year strategy any faster challanging the smartphone market than doing this with MeeGo being ready for smartphones within end of march? How is MeeGo not a 3rd player in a smartphone market? What’s about HP and WebOS, I think they’re going to enter the battle soon (Summer?), and HP is a player with the ressources to enter the battle on all levels.

  16. noname says:

    Who says that Nokia is the only player in the game who is interested to smooth migration from Symbian to another platform? It’s the perfect time for others to take over and provide a better migration-path then Nokia is able to.

  17. 7Penslen says:

    I think that KDE, Meego, other Open Source users of QT, Trolltech employers should look at Joomla and LibreOffice in the case of prepping a succesfull fork when necessary. When thought about it, the whole wheel don’t need to be invented for doing this.

    Meego should talk with Intel, Dell, Asus, Acer, …. or a cheap Chinese Phone company to make it avail on phones. The choice depends on price, quality, ethics and possibilities.

  18. Janne says:

    Not going to happen. Government has no say on business-dealings of a private corporation. And yes, the stock did take a beating, but what about 6 months from now?

    Fact is that Symbian was a dead-end, and Meego is still not finished (it seems to be 6 months from shipping all the time). Android already has zillion OEM’s who are busy racing to the bottom. What choices did Nokia have? Keep selling Symbian and hoping that Meego will someday be ready? By that time Nokia would have been battered in the market.

    Elop being fired is just wishful thinking. Sure, he might be fired for variety of reasons down the road (no CEO is ever safe from that fate), but he will not be fired because of this in the near future.

    Yes, I’m a Finn.

  19. jedibeeftrix says:

    My response, for what it is worth, is that while this is definitely not a result i ever wanted to see, it is worth remembering that Nokia will still be investing >around< half a billion annually in the broader MeeGo ecosystem after this change in direction.

    While MeeGo is not now going to become one of the 'big-three' or the lead Nokia platform, it probably does have a healthy a viable future as a niche platform.


  20. An Insider says:

    Do not trust the last PR lies, MeeGo and Symbian are dead.

    MeeGo was the super high end of Nokia. Elop is dropping that, and is pushing Windows.

    The MeeGo devices mentioned will be sold to limit the cash lost by the past investments in the platform they just killed.

  21. harry says:

    wow, this microsoft-nokia could get a costly thing, union already wants 100.000€ (135000$) for every fired finnish worker
 let me check (5000×100000) would be…much!


  22. brain says:

    If google adds QT to there stack then going from Symbian to Android would be easier then going from Symbian to Phone7. Ggood opportunity to expand into the low-end market and destroy the ecosystem of a competitor.

  23. brain says:

    google could even destroy the ecosystem of two competitors the same time. That is a huge unique opportunity!

  24. Fri13 says:

    Elop does not get fired, at least in near future. In Finland you dont get easily leaders resign from their positions. It is very, a very rare thing to happend.

    And the executive leaders on Nokia have been 100% behind Elop strategy, that is the sad thing.

    As the problem on Nokia is not just the software, it is the leadershipt. Middle and top leaders should have been kicked off and replaced with better leaders. Now there are sitting old politicians who are known from ruining everything where they touch, was it a corporation or nation treasure.

    Chinese ZTE has now invested to MeeGo, it has plans to take MeeGo as their own system next to Android. Nokia could not do it, even that MeeGo (renamed project from Maemo) is over 6 years old.
    Qt has been on Nokia now 3 years, and they have not got it out actually any real way. Only talks about how Qt and MeeGo WILL COME and save the Nokia market share and set it to new rise.

    Today, at first stock day of the week, Nokia went down again a 5%. The stock price is in quick drop and seems it will now stay on that level.

    Elop has been know to be staid on work a year or few and then be moved to other firm. Right now it feels that Elop stays 1-2 years at Nokia (6 months behind now) and then leaves. Maybe back to Microsoft…

    The best choice what Nokia could have done, was to take Android. But instead jumping on rising helicopter, they jumped to sea from burning oil platform and they did it alone.

    Here on Finland, Nokia gets lots of crap on it. From media, from stock owners, from normal people… almost from everyone who just knows Nokia.

    People wanted to get rid off the symbian, but not to join with MS.

    And when even checking the status of the Design leader, Marko Ahtisaari (Son of our previous president) who is total no-can-do person. He is known to only be success by his daddy fame.
    And Marko is responsible for even usability of the S60.

  25. The User says:

    I wish it will become true: http://nokiaplanb.com

  26. Tom says:

    While I don’t necessarily see the logic in Nokia’s approach, it is worth remembering that decisions of this scale are not made by one person alone.

    While the CEO would be the public face of the decision, it would have been on the recommendation of others within Nokia.

    Let’s be realistic about expectations, targeting one individual is not going to reverse a corporate strategy.

    • lappisch says:

      While true this unfortunately doesn’t make the decision one bit better. It just shows how much all of Nokia’s upper management is apparently out of touch with the actual work force. Signs of a company falling apart…

  27. Searli says:

    Hmmm … if QT were dead why this?

    looks to me they are “rebranding” QT as the new platform for developing on Nokia Mobiles (based on MS Windows 7″

  28. Searli says:

    Dohhh !!! It is Satire … should check better before posting! Sorry …

  29. The User says:

    “This is a satire, for the real Qt website go to qt.nokia.com.”
    Btw, for normal Windows and older Windows mobile versions Qt is of course still available, I’m not sure if it works with WP7, which is based on Windows CE, too.

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