The Nokia E52 is the most awesome phone ever made. It has a normal T9 keypad, GPS, 3G, Wifi, and runs Symbian. These are the features I need. Sure Android and others are more modern operating systems, but there is no smartphone OS that has phones with T9 hardware keypads of this form factor, except for the E52. There is one problem: it’s not made anymore

There are two models of the E52 — the E52-1, which has European 3G frequencies, and the E52-2, which has North American 3G frequencies. I’m looking for the E52-2.

If anyone knows there whereabouts of an E52-2, please inform me. I will bid high.

June 19, 2011 · [Print]

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  1. Dinth says:

    What would You say on Nokia N95 8GB? It is a *WAY* better than E52, has all things You’ve mentioned – T9, GPS, 3G, Wifi, Symbian, and has best camera ive ever seen in phone (even most modern ones, unfortunatelly flash isnt so good as camera in N95)

  2. I agree says:

    I fully agree, I own an E51 and it is the best phone I’ve ever had. E52 is a great evolution. I also own an android smartphone: it’s funny but if you need a phone E52 is the best.

    Moreover I really love the battery life of E51 / E52.

  3. John says:

    Yepp… I know about plenty of them. all of their owners are just dying to get rid of them. Why? They are basically broken. Buttons are missing, reboots are required every day, calls are disconnected, sms messages get lost, battery life is crap etc. Symbian is a lousy OS and the E52 HW is crap as well. I must say I’m both surprised and amused to see anyone wanting this phone :)

  4. adriano32 says:

    Hi from Russia! I and my friends at are worrying for you because you are KDE developer, so we have found this link specially for you:

    This is online shop eBay. You can find and order your favorite phone model here.
    Good luck you. KDE fans from will wait for patches in mainstream from you :)

  5. Ravi Vagadia says:

    I’ve used both E51 and E52 and I must say that both the phones are awesome..moreover E52 battery life is incredible.

  6. Martin says:

    It’s very nice phone indeed! :)

  7. Maksym Kozub says:

    Jason, have you finally managed to find E52-2? I am much interested in the same (although I understand that now, in 2013, it is even more difficult, if at all possible). I had E52-1, and I agree, that E52 is the best phone ever made. I lost on a mountain trek it several months ago. Now it is still possible to buy a new E52-1 here in Ukraine, but, as you rightly said, it has 900/2100 MHz 3G, and I travel to the States quite regularly, so it would be great to buy a E52-2.
    I understand that you posted this almost two years ago, but I would still appreciate any info on any success you might had.

    • Maksym Kozub says:

      >I agree, that E52 is the best phone ever made. I lost on a mountain trek it several months ago.

      Read “I agree that E52 is the best phone ever made. I lost it on a mountain trek several months ago.” I was probably sick when typing my first comment, otherwice I cannot grasp how I produced that word order etc. :)

  8. Arnas says:

    Got Two Brand New Nokia’s E52-2 Grey, one box is fully sealed another is opened to check content.

    Bought them for my self, because as it was mentioned, there are in the market only crappy smart phones, for dummies.

    Waiting for best offers….

    • Stephen says:

      Arnas, I’m interested in your E52-2. Please reply with your contact info and I will get in touch, or feel free to put them on eBay where I have a saved search. Be sure to mention “US Version” or 52-2 in the title. Thank you!

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