I just fixed four major blockers in ZX2C4 Music. I also moved the source into a public git.

Prior to the fix, only one php page could load at a time. When requesting a second php page while one was loading, the request would hang until the previous one had completed. This is not terribly problematic for ordinary web pages, but because I use php for file downloads, the entire web app would hang until the file had completed downloading. Bad news bears. After a lot of difficult debugging, tcpdumps, header inspects, ps aux, etc, I discovered the problem to be with session_start(). It turns out that only one session can be opened for writing at a time per session cookie, which means for a single user, php will only allow pages to write to his session one at a time. The solution was to call session_write_close() immediately after editing the last $_SESSION variable.

Some media players had trouble seeking in streams from the php file streamer because of bad http header range support. The sendFile() is now HTTP/1.1 compliant. Although, I’d like to add some caching support at some point.

Finally, and most notably, ZX2C4 Music no longer hangs when loading giant lists. It now loads 50 items at a time, and polls the location of the scrollbar every 100 milliseconds, and if it is close to the bottom, it requests the next 50 items. Polling is not ideal, but JavaScript does not have scroll events for divs. The pagination is implemented using MySQL’s LIMIT and OFFSET features. The display code took quite a bit of reworking and might still be a little buggy. Do try it out. Internet Explorer requires a special case because of its lack of support for writing to tables’ innerHTML, and Microsoft refuses to fix it. When adding an entire list to the download basket, it takes the time to download and display every item in the query, like the old behavior, and this may introduce some bugs. For the most part though, scrolling auto-pagination support is generally pretty slick.

The download basket/zip feature is no longer capped at 200 songs, as it no longer needs to call an external zip program and store the zip file temporarily. In pure php, I’ve written a custom on-the-fly zip file streamer, which works a lot faster.

As always, if you have suggestions, leave a comment below. If you’d like to download the latest HEAD of ZX2C4 Music, you can browse the repository here or download a tar of it here. Next on the list are HTML5 <audio> element support for web app streaming, Amarok plugin, update script, and maybe a revamped interface.

December 21, 2008 · [Print]

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